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 12th Annual ANZAA Workshop Abstracts - 4-5 August, 2016

  Laboratory assessment of external factors influence on Low-cost PM sensors readings - Adrien Mabon
  Efficiency of an Ionizer in Cleaning Airborne Particles - Aline Nguy
  The ‘APAD’ and ‘ASFID’ –Two New Long term Particulate Matter Databases from Sampling Sites Across the Greater Asia-Pacific Region - Armand Atanacio
  The application of remote sensing technology in air quality modelling - Bijan Yeganeh
  The balance between charged and neutral particles and clusters in the Brisbane airshed - Buddhi Pushpawela
  "Airborne Survey of Ultrafine Particles over Eastern Australia" - Cacilia Ewenz
  How variable are PM2.5 concentrations in Western Sydney? - Clare Murphy
  Cleaner Air, Less Cancer - Clare Walter
  Number Concentration and Size distribution of Airborne Particles in the Coastal-Urban Environment - Dorrena Dominick
  High spatial resolution source apportionment of central Auckland aerosol - Guy Coulson1
  Community Observation Networks for Woodsmoke: Rangiora 2015 Pilot Study - Guy Coulson2
  The Lower Hunter Dust Deposition Study - Howard Bridgman
  Particles in Western Sydney: Model-observation Verification - Ian Galbally
  Modelling chemistry and aerosols over the Sydney airshed: experience with WRF-CHEM and CMAQ - Jeremy David Silver
  Uncertainty in biogenic emissions from Eucalypts: Implications for urban southeast Australia - Kathryn Emmerson
  Analysis of low cost particle monitoring devices for implementation in a high density air quality network - Kyle Alberti
  Local ozone formation and depletion from vehicle emissions in an isolated urban environment - Lena Weissert
  Contributions to Southern Ocean cloud condensation nuclei inferred from water uptake and volatility - Luke Cravigan
  Lower Hunter Particle Characterisation Study - Mark Hibberd
  Preliminary characterization of emission from burning waste paper briquettes and other commercial fuels - Meng Xiu Phong
  Physics of Radiation and Climate: from Proposal to Publication- Michael Box
  DeepSouth / Southern Ocean aerosol-cloud interaction - Mike Harvey
  Application of Multi-Monitor Approach to Characterisation of Particle Emissions from Nanotechnology and Non-Nanotechnology Processes - Peter McGarry
  Challenges and opportunities from outdoor air pollution sensing in cities - Prashant Kumar
  Assessing impacts of coal-laden trains on ambient air quality along the rail corridor in South East Queensland - Rhiannon Tooker
  Assessing the impacts of shipping emissions on air quality in Queensland, Australia - Robin Smit
  RV Investigator Balloon radio-soundings over the Southern Ocean - Robyn Schofield
  First Observations of New Particle Formation in Beijing using a Neutral Cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer (NAIS) - Rohan Jayaratne1
  Neutral Cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer (NAIS) measurements during the passage across the southern polar front - Rohan Jayaratne2
  Atmospheric gradients of aerosol properties across the Antarctic Polar Front - Ruhi Humphries
  Airborne Particle Concentration in the Yangtze River Basin - Samart Porncharoen
  Experimental investigation on filtration efficiency of quartz fibrous filters in capturing soot aerosol particles - Shokat
  Characterisation of urban dust samples using reflected light microscopy methods - Silvie Hartmann
  Effect of agricultural waste burning season on PM2.5-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels in Northern Thailand - Siwatt Pongpiachan
  Aerosol Optical Depth at Cape Grim, Tasmania 1978 – 2014 - Stephen Wilson
  Modelling chemistry and aerosols over the Sydney airshed: experience with WRF-CHEM and CMAQ - Steve Utembe
  Monitoring above-ground airborne pollution using unmanned aerial vehicles - Tommasso Villa
  Variability of airborne particle metrics in urban area - Valeria Rizza
  Testing of a PM1.0 mini-cyclone for application with a low-cost particle sensor - Woodrow Pattinson
  Experimental evaluation of low cost PM sensor for urban air quality monitoring - Xiaoting Li
  Airborne Particle Concentration in the Yangtze River Basin - Yangtze Rohan and Samart

 11th Annual ANZAA Workshop Paper - 22-24 July, 2015

  Aerosol Chemistry Between Two Oceans
  Aerosols and inverse modelling in the Upper Hunter
  Citizen Science and the Hunter Coal Chain
  Development of 7-Wavelengh LED Integrated Plane Method Instument
  Elemental Carbon in Aerosol Suva Fiji
  First do no harm - what would Hippocrates say abour particle pollution in the Hunter
  Lean, Lake Macquarie and Environment Justice
  NSW EPA%27s Dust Stop Coal Mine Pollution Reduction Program
  Organic aerosol formation and characterisation using new smog chamber facility
  Particle Measurement along the Rain Corridor in SE Queensland
  Particulate exposure modelling from smoke during the Hazelwood mine fire
  Particulate Matter and Human Health
  Quantifying Coal Dust in Urban Samples
  Recent 15 year History of PM2.5 at Mayfield-Newcastle
  Southern Ocean Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols - from Cape Grim to the RV Investigator
  Thousand of household chimneys pour forth their smoke
  Trialling Aethalometers for Black Carbon measurements in New South Wales
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