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Emerging Air Quality Professionals

The Emerging Air Quality Professionals (EAQP) group aims to provide a professional and social network for the new and emerging members and non-members of CASANZ. The EAQP group provides relevant, professional development opportunities and events to support career growth, broadening of industry knowledge and experience for those in the early parts of their.


The EAQP has no minimum or maximum age requirements, you be the judge! Either the opportunities are relevant or not. Often, you’ll know if you’re not really part of the group as you may be invited to attend in your capacity as an experienced professional.


Members of the EAQP group will inherit, implement and lead solutions for our current and future air quality issues.


CASANZ supports our emerging air quality professionals to reach their goals.

To join the Emerging Air Quality Professionals Group, click here.


Membership to this group is also open to those EAQP who reside under a corporate membership. Non-member rates for events, where applicable, will apply, however you will receive communications regarding events for the group.


Greer Laing


Emerging Air Quality Professionals Chair



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