Welcome to CASANZ19

CASANZ19: Air Quality and the Built Environment

The theme for CASANZ19 is Air Quality and the Built Environment and will cover all aspects of air quality regulation, emerging technologies, environmental challenges in urban environments,
health impacts and the growing social awareness of air quality as an everyday concern.

As society has moved towards the majority of people living in urban environments, conflicts have arisen when the need to move around, warm our homes and have industry to provide work, has resulted in increasing effects on the air quality that we depend on. CASANZ19 seeks to explore the air quality issues created by these conflicts and look at actions to ensure healthy air for everyone.

Each day will have a varying theme and includes:
DAY 1   Air quality health effects and current monitoring methods: Understanding the extent and impacts of air quality on human health.
DAY 2   Creating sustainable communities: Including new technologies, changing urban design, modal shift and engaging communities).
DAY 3   Assessing and evaluating impacts from specific sources on people and communities: Including amenity, woodsmoke, motor vehicles and shipping.

The conference will also feature Special Interest Group Workshops, training courses, breakfast seminars, site visits, the gala dinner and awards evening, and much more.
CASANZ advocates professional integrity, awareness of world air quality issues, technological advancements and continual professional development. Many of our members are Certified Air Quality Professional’s, maintaining ethical and professional integrity and continuing their professional development, promoting and advancing the importance of air quality for everyone.

Dr Elizabeth Somervell
Mr Rob Van de Munckhof
CASANZ 2019 Conference Co-Chairs