Innovation and Excellence in Air Quality Awards 

(in association with the biennial CASANZ conference)

The CASANZ Innovation and Excellence in Air Quality Awards is an Australian and New Zealand program for the air quality industry, recognising innovation, excellence, leadership and best practice, within the air quality field.

The awards are an opportunity for the air quality industry to celebrate industry achievements, foster innovation and best practice and raise the profile of contributions to our sector.

The Awards are presented on a biennial basis as part of the Conference Gala Dinner.

Clean Air Medal

The Clean Air Medal recognises contributions to the prevention of atmospheric pollution that are innovative and are of significant effect scientifically, technically, economically, socially or politically.  The Clean Air Medal recognises contributions for:

  • Significant advances in atmospheric science;
  • Development of innovative control or measurement technology with a major and wide-ranging application;
  • Application of technology, particularly new technology, to air pollution abatement on a major scale (eg across a major industry, across multiple industries, States or areas);
  • Promotion of Air Quality Management principles or practice to result in a major increase in the status of Air Quality Management in the eyes of Government and/or the public; and
  • Significant contribution to the prevention of atmospheric pollution through exceptional service to the Society and its effective operation, or through actions resulting in a major increase in the status of the Society.


Supporting innovation within the air quality and climate science field, nominations for the Innovation award must be relevant to and address the conference theme.

Industry Excellence

Recognising organisations from the private/public sector or who is a local authority which can be shown to be having a demonstrable effect on air quality.  Whether your organisation is small to medium or a multi-national, all innovations that reduces air quality impacts will be considered.

Air Quality Champion

Awarded to an individual who has played a notable role in helping towards the goal of improved air quality.  The individual must have been the lead or key contributor to a project that has aided in the education, awareness or improvement in the effects of air quality.

Branch Awards

Clean Air Award

The Clean Air Award recognise those who have contributed, in an outstanding or significant way or have contributed persistently, to achieving clean air through commitment.  The Clean Air Award recognises those who have:

  • made an outstanding contribution to an understanding or of an improvement in the air environment; or
  • contributed significantly to improving the understanding of the effects of pollutants in the air environment on health or well-being; or
  • contributed significantly to developing or improving an awareness of air quality or the air environment; or
  • contributed in an outstanding way to the promotion or application of a scientifically sound means of air quality measurement or control of air pollution; or
  • contributed in an outstanding manner to work in the air quality field above and beyond the normal course of duty.

Student Air and Environment Award

The Student Air and Environment Award recognises under and post graduate students whose studies have related to air quality, greenhouse gas emissions or climate change. This award attracts a $1000 cash prize and the opportunity to present your work at a Branch Technical Meeting, providing valuable networking opportunities.

 NZ Branch – Recognition Award

The NZ Branch Recognition Awards acknowledge significant personal or professional contributions, or organisations that have demonstrated best practice or innovation, towards improving air quality or reducing climate change in New Zealand