Biomass Smoke SIG: April 2020 – Christchurch NZ

Biomass Smoke SIG: April 2020 – Christchurch NZ

Biomass Smoke SIG

Workshop Christchurch April – 2020

The biomass smoke SIG in conjunction with CASANZ NZ branch is holding a workshop in Christchurch on 28th April with a focus on particulate from wood smoke.

The workshop has three main themes: ultra-low emission burners, non-regulatory methods for reducing particulate from biomass burning and health impacts of woodsmoke including health impact assessments.

This workshop is a must for any Council officers, scientists, planners, consultants or policy makers considering air quality issues from biomass burning.  It would also be of value to those tasked with environmental decision making as it delves into problem solving and behavior issues that span many domains.  Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the issues, emerging technology and the ins and outs of potential solutions.  It will help you to guide clients, direct work programmes and evaluate policy options and you will become equipped with processes and tools that can be used to assist decision makers.  Your increased knowledge will contribute to the success of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches.

Presenters at the workshop include Jo Dawkins, Mike Chilton, Richard Popenhagen, Steve Pearce, Emily Wilton and Emma Kenagy.

More details to be released soon.