Call for Nomination – Clean Air Medal

Call for Nomination – Clean Air Medal

CASANZ is calling for nominations for the Society’s Clean Air Medal.  The Clean Air Medal recognises contributions for:

  • Significant advances in atmospheric science;
  • Development of innovative control or measurement technology with a major and wide-ranging application;
  • Application of technology, particularly new technology, to air pollution abatement on a major scale (eg across a major industry, across multiple industries, States or areas);
  • Promotion of Air Quality Management principles or practice to result in a major increase in the status of Air Quality Management in the eyes of Government and/or the public; and
  • Significant contribution to the prevention of atmospheric pollution through exceptional service to the Society and its effective operation, or through actions resulting in a major increase in the status of the Society.

The contributions referred to are required to be:

  • innovative rather than an extension of current technology or activity, and
  • of very significant effect scientifically, technically, economically, socially, or politically.

Nominations may be made by any financial member of the Society and should be accompanied by a detailed description of the nominee’s contribution to the prevention of atmospheric pollution, which would be the basis of the Award.  Nominations will be considered by the Professional Accreditation Review panel (PARP), who will make recommendations to Council, the full Council being the determining body.

Nominations should be sent by 16 August, 2019 to the Vicki Callaway, General Manager, via email.

If awarded, the Clean Air Medal(s) will be presented to award recipient(s) at the 24th International Clean Air and Environment Conference to be held in Queenstown, New Zealand 16-18 September, 2019. Past recipients of this award include:

1975 – Frank J Purdue, C.B.E.
1975 – Louis Layton
1978 – Terry Douglas, M.B.E.
1978 – Dr John Sullivan
1979 – Dr Werner Strauss (Posthumously)
1984 – Peter Murphy
1986 – Rear Admiral Phillip Sharp, C.G., D.S.C.
1994 – Len Ferrari
1994 – Dr Brian Robinson, A.M.
1998 – John Court
2000 – Robert Dal Sasso
2000 – Graham Johnson
2000 – Frank Fleer
2007 – Peter Manins
2011 – Ian Galbally
2011 – Lidia Morawska
2013 – A/Prof Howard Bridgman
2015 – Dr Martin Cope

All enquiries to: Vicki Callaway via Email or Tel: + 61 3 9727 3911.