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The Lord Major Graeme Quirk Opening the 2017 Innovation Market

Six minute presentations were presented on:

  • O-Tu-Kapua/what Clouds See mixed-media art installation: Guy Coulson
  • Low cost, car based smoke survey system: John Innis
  • SkyBreath, eco-flying solution to save fuel and reduce emissions: Alex Frey
  • The National Woodburner Behaviour change Programme: Catherine White, Rapunzel De Leon
  • Plume Mapper for collection, processing and reporting ambient odour assessment survey data: Andrew Balch
  • Portagrid: modular, transportable and re-deployable renewable energy generation and storage systems: Json Pyne
  • AQS urban air quality monitor: Paul Pickering
  • The Dusty ACorn, interactive learning device for pre-schoolers: Gustavo Olivares

2017 Innovation Award Winner:  John Innes 

A low-cost, car based smoke – survey instrument – Travel HANkY

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CASANZ President, Janet Petersen congratulating the 2017 Innovation Award Winner, Dr John Innes.