Welcome to the QLD Branch

The QLD Branch of the Society accounts for approximately 15% of the Society.  Queensland members are served by a committee of 12 which represents professional, scientific and technical areas of environmental protection, regulation and management.

The primary focus of Committee meetings is the organisation of technical presentations and training needs.  The QLD branch meetings occur every month on the first Friday.

The Branch Committee welcomes suggestions on events such as technical presentations, seminars, workshops and training sessions from members and non-members interested in air quality management or other environmental issues.

If you have a suggestion or know of visiting potential speakers for any of our functions please contact the Branch Secretary.

Non-members are welcome to join committee meetings at any time.

Time: 8.00 am
Venue: Café Eco
Ground floor
Environmental Sciences Precinct
41 Boggo Road
Dutton Park

QLD Events


QLD Branch Annual General Meeting and Technical Meeting – 12 November, 2020

NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Queensland Branch Thursday, 12 November, 2020 On behalf of the Queensland Branch committee, we […]

QLD Branch Virtual Technical Event – 21 October, 2020

The Queensland Branch committee would like to invite members to a virtual technical presentation on 21 October. The event is intended for members and non-members to hear from a special guest presenter that will lead us through the tricky waters of ethics when businesses are navigating environmental compliance and social engagement.

QLD Branch News