One of the objectives of the society is to protect the environment through advancement of knowledge and practical experience in air quality science and management.  The provision of scientifically robust inputs in the development of policies potentially affecting air quality and communicating science-based air quality information to communities and decision makers, represent important actions in addressing this objective.

The Policy SIG will be to bring together CASANZ members with an interest in advancing air policy development and contributing to responsible air quality related risk communication for the purpose of:

  • Exchanging ideas, and informing members of new air policy related developments and air quality issues of significant public concern
  • Co-ordinating and communicating science-based inputs for policy, legislative and regulatory development processes of relevance for air quality
  • Collating and communicating science-based information to communities and decision makers on pressing air quality related issues, including official inquiries

In preparing inputs the Policy SIG will draw on the technical knowledge held by the Society’s existing SIGs, whilst extending the Society’s focus and contribution within the field of air policy and air quality risk communication.

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