The role of the Air Quality & Health SIG is to coordinate and support initiatives and programs for CASANZ members that are interested in improving their knowledge and/or working on the impact of air pollution on human health. The focus of the Air Quality & Health SIG is on issues relating to air pollution health impacts, human exposures, risk to public health and promotion of initiatives and strategies to reduce harm from air pollution.

The goal is to enhance and advance the theme of Air Quality & Health within and outside CASANZ. Participation is open to all interested in the SIG.

The Group Objectives are:

  • Provide a platform and mechanism for collaboration across government, health professionals, industry and academia.
  • Advance the overall understanding of the link between air quality and health impacts with an emphasis on low concentration air pollutant exposures relevant to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Utilise knowledge and skills to contribute to policy development and where appropriate provide response to major pollution events.
  • Provide the regulatory community with feedback on areas for improvement based on industry experiences.

Air Quality and Health SIG Events


Health SIG Workshop | Virtual |17 May 2021 | 10am-12pm AEST

The Health Special Interest group welcomes you to attend its second Health Special Interest Group virtual workshop. This online event will be held as part of the 25th International Clean Air and Environment Conference, CASANZ 2021.

Air Quality and Health SIG News