The Biomass Burning SIG will give a focus within CASANZ for biomass smoke–related issues in New Zealand and Australia. It will provide a forum through which information and new work on smoke topics can be shared, such as by email and other electronic means, and through workshops and meetings. It is not intended to directly lobby jurisdictions for policy and regulatory change, but will provide interested members with opportunities to be informed with developments in research, policies and legislation in these areas. In this sense it will act as a resource for knowledge and ideas to stimulate work on the problems associated with exposure to woodsmoke.

The final shape and actions of the Biomass Burning SIG will be formed during 2019, after input from members, but would be likely to include workshops associated with the biennial CASANZ meeting, as well as an BiSMITHE workshop (Biomass Smoke in the Human Environment) in the alternative years.

There are clearly overlaps and common areas of interest between the Biomass Burning SIG and other CASANZ SIGS (such as the Measurement SIG, Indoor Air Quality SIG, and the proposed Health Effects SIG). There would be great potential in holding themed joint-SIG workshops at times to allow cross-disciplinary exchange and to establish collaborations. Such meetings would be open to non-CASANZ members to encourage the widest possible attendance.

As noted, the form and direction of the Biomass Burning SIG will be more clearly articulated after input from membership and the formation of a steering committee. If you are interested in being a member, and in helping shape the direction of the SIG, please register.

John Innis
(Interim chair)

Biomass Burning


VIC/ACT Branch | Biomass Smoke SIG | 28 April, 2021

The VIC/TAS Branch of CASANZ, in association with the Biomass Burning SIG, are hosting a virtual workshop focused on: Cold Climate Smoke.

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