The Emerging Air Quality Professionals (EAQP) group aims to provide a professional and social network for the new and emerging members and non-members of CASANZ. The EAQP group provides relevant, professional development opportunities and events to support career growth, broadening of industry knowledge and experience for those in the early parts of their career.

The EAQP has no minimum or maximum age requirements, you be the judge! Either the opportunities are relevant or not. Often, you’ll know if you’re not really part of the group as you may be invited to attend in your capacity as an experienced professional.

Members of the EAQP group will inherit, implement and lead solutions for our current and future air quality issues. 

CASANZ supports our emerging air quality professionals to reach their goals.

Kirsty Tanner
Chair – Emerging Air Quality Professionals Group


2020 EAQP Committee

Lauren Hunter Otago, NZ (South Island)
Robyn Butler Auckland, NZ (North Island)
Grace Forementin WA, Australia
Michelle Yu Queensland, Australia
Sophie Materia Victoria Australia
Ayushi Kachhara Auckland, NZ (North Island)
Alejandro Vesga NSW, Australia
Puneet Verma Queensland Australia
Nathalie Fischer Queensland, Australia
Alida Van Vugt Christchurch, NZ (South Island)

EAQP Events


EAQP Virtual Meeting – The Big Fat Quiz of Airverything – 13 August, 2020

As we can’t all get together in person, let’s all meet virtually to test our brains in the inaugural EAQP quiz! Join our team based event and meet your fellow peers to test your air quality and general knowledge. We give you the opportunity to earn bragging rights over your fellow EAQPs by earning the title of EAQP Quiz Champions! We hear it is as high an accolade as a Nobel or an Oscar*.