The Special Interest Group “Transport Emissions and Fuel Consumption Modelling” – or Transport SIG – was formed on 23 April, 2010. “Transport and Environment” remains topical and very dynamic. Transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and a large contributor to local air pollution exposure for a wide range of pollutants. Major shifts are happening in the way we drive (e.g. EVs, autonomous vehicles) and we have had some very public scandals such as the VW ‘diesel gate’ scandal in the US in 2015. On top of that, new methods are changing the way we measure and model emissions (e.g. PEMS, low cost sensors).

There are significant differences between vehicle emissions measured in the lab versus what is happening on the road in the real world. For instance, on-road testing around the world has shown that average on-road NOx from modern technology cars is about four times the laboratory test limit (diesel cars), and that there is an increasing ‘CO2 gap’ between the official test and ‘real-world’ CO2 of about +30%. There is also the issue of ‘high or excessive emitters’, i.e. on-road vehicles that have excessive emissions and their contribution to total emission loads is large (e.g. 1% vehicles = 30% total emissions). It may be cost-effective to do something about this.

Then there are other transport sources that are increasingly catching the public interest and scrutiny. For instance, shipping is a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Ships use large diesel engines that run on heavy bunker fuels, generally without emission controls and have significant local air quality impacts.

All these aspects and developments create a complex picture, which requires experts and professionals to regularly discuss and share information. TSIG is one such platform that is used for this purpose, i.e. information sharing, discussion of emerging issues and it will provide a certain level of coordination. If you have any ideas for new topics, would like to present or just have a discussion, please contact TSIG Dr Robin Smit, Chair, Transport SIG, at: Email

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Transport SIG Workshop | 19 May 2021 | 10.30am-12.00pm

The Transport SIG Workshop will be held in association with the 25th International Clean Air and Environment Conference (CASANZ 2021) on Wednesday 19 May @ 10.30am – 12.00pm via the online conference platform, Whova.

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