A new Special Interest Group “Transport Emissions and Fuel Consumption Modeling” – or Transport SIG – was formed on 23 April, 2010. Given that environmental impacts of transport are of growing importance, it is envisaged that this will be an active group. The focus will be on quantification and modelling of emissions (air quality) and greenhouse gas impacts from transport, which includes road traffic, shipping, aircraft, rail and also non-road equipment (eg, cargo handling equipment in port areas, ground support equipment at airports). The Transport SIG is intended to be a platform for information sharing, discussion of emerging issues and it will provide a certain level of coordination.


SIG teleconferences will be held every other month (ie, bi-monthly). It is anticipated that members of this group will put forward points of discussion and perhaps presentations on specific subjects, but it is up to the members how much input they would like to give and how much time they want to spent in attending these teleconferences.


Any questions may be directed to Dr Robin Smit, Chair, Transport SIG, at: Email

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