On behalf of the scientific committee, we extend our invitation to you, to participate in the 25th International Clean Air and Environment conference, ‘CASANZ 2021’, to be held online. This conference will be unique in nature and will be a reflection of the effects of fires and COVID-19 on air quality since the CASANZ19 conference held in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Across the globe, bushfires and COVID-19 continue to affect us all in many ways. The time to share our findings on the air quality impacts from these unprecedented events is now.

The 2019-20 summer bushfire season, followed by the global pandemic, produced clear effects on air quality from one extreme of smoke related pollution to another where significant reductions in combustion related releases of air pollutants were observed worldwide. To reflect on these unprecedented events of the past 12 months, and what they mean for long term strategies for reductions in emissions for air quality management, is a central theme for CASANZ 2021 – ‘Air Quality in Unprecedented Times’.

The 25th International Clean Air and Environment Conference is the only opportunity for our air quality industry to share learnings and different perspectives via an engaging, interactive program with input from high profile speakers and global industry leaders. CASANZ 2021 is a fully peer reviewed conference and we hope you take this opportunity to present at the major air quality event of the year.

Recognising travel restrictions, CASANZ 2021 will be held online, providing flexibility for delegates to participate safely and to encourage greater collaboration and participation.

Multiple short sessions will run across four days, and will offer the full value of past conferences including networking opportunities, exhibitors, and a “virtual experience” gala dinner to celebrate the Innovation and Excellence in Air Quality Awards.

Opportunities to present are limited due to the reduced online program format, so be sure to get your abstract submission in before the due date.

Pushan Shah & Matthew Pickett
2021 Scientific Committee Co-Chairs


CASANZ 2021 will focus on recent global events and trends that are shaping the world we live in.

The 2019/20 global bushfires disasters, prolonged droughts, the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad effects of the changing climate have all had major impacts on people’s lives. We are seeking to explore themes that identify key observations, provide an insight to lessons learned and provide a catalyst for managing those risks more effectively in the future providing:

  • Retrospective analysis, identifying key observations, measurements and trends;
  • Insight into how those events affect short- and long-term health, resources and the environment;
  • Drivers for improvement, developing management and regulatory responses, predictive and forecasting systems and communication techniques to help us manage those risks in the future;
  • The emergence of decentralised monitoring and information systems and the promotion of citizen science as an integral component of our combined management capabilities; and
  • Other socio-economic, environmental or political considerations forming part of a holistic review.

CASANZ is seeking abstracts that address the sub-themes of ‘Air Quality in Unprecedented Times’:

  • The recent global bushfires disasters
  • The COVID-19 pandemic
  • Public participation, communication, and Citizen Science
  • The myriad effects of the changing climate

All abstracts will be considered however we encourage you to submit your original, unpublished abstract(s), which address the above theme.

Important Dates

8 Feb, 2021 Abstracts Extended Close
22 Feb, 2021 Authors  notified of selection
31 Mar, 2021 Full paper or 2 page extended abstract and posters due
9 Apr, 2021 All contributions finalised
Mid April, 2021 Conference Program released

Scientific Committee

Co-Chair Dr Pushan Shah
Co-Chair Dr Matthew Pickett

Program Co-ordinator Gary Graham
Program Co-ordinator Damon Roddis

Kirsty Tanner
Michael Assal
Ruth Peiffer
Greer Laing
Dr Puneet Verma
Andrew Curtis
Johan Meline