BISMITHE II: 17-19 June, 2019 – Marysville, VIC

The Biomass Smoke in the Human Environment BISMITHE II Workshop builds on the inaugural Workshop in Deloraine Tasmania 2016, providing a forum to connect a diverse group of participants across Australia and New Zealand, ranging from Councils, Government departments, community members, forestry operations, environmental consultants, scientific researchers, industry, environmental groups and individuals working in fields associated with Biomass Smoke generation and smoke impacts.

Workshop: Developing a Guide for Ambient Odour Assessment – 27 November, 2018 – Brisbane, QLD

Ambient odour assessment is frequently conducted in Australia and New Zealand, however a standard approach is not applied. The CASANZ Odour SIG recognises the need for an Australian/New Zealand guidance document to outline the method options, quality control/assurance requirements, results interpretation and a process for selecting the appropriate procedure based on the objectives of the odour assessment. The purpose of the workshop is to define the structure and contents of this document.
Early bird registration available until 28 September 2018