Accidental Release Modelling – March, 2020 – Online Course

This online course focuses on the fundamentals of accidental release modelling and provides hands-on instruction with BREEZE Incident Analyst. The course is designed for those who need to conduct consequence modelling assessments for emergency response and/or preparedness.   Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of common source term calculation methods and impact analysis models to evaluate potential hazards.  Scenarios include toxic plumes, fires, and explosions due to accidental release of chemicals under various situations.

The course will be presented in four 2-hour webinars in March 2020.

Early bird registration available to 17 January 2020.

Introduction to Meteorology for Air Quality – 28/29 Nov & 5/6 Dec – Online Course

An understanding of meteorology is essential for air quality practitioners. This course will outline key meteorological concepts and apply them to air quality applications. You will use information from this course to inform decisions for siting air quality monitoring stations, choosing representative data for air quality modelling, preparation of model input files and undertaking meteorological modelling. As an air quality expert, you need to know the impact of terrain, inversions, boundary layer height, proximity to water etc. on the dispersion, dilution and transport of pollutants. This course covers these topics and more in four 2-hour webinars in November/December 2019.
Early bird registration available to 1 November 2019.