Black Carbon Workshop: 5 October, 2018 - Sydney, NSW

Black carbon is a major contributor to global warming and is an important ambient air pollutant. This workshop will provide a forum for discussing and advancing knowledge on black carbon in NZ, focusing on how it is measured. You will be able to tap into the expertise of Mr Jeff Blair, AethLabs, California and Dr Ivan Iskra, Aerosol, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

October 5, 2018
1 Day


Conference Room, Building 2, 480 Weeroona Road, Lidcombe, NSW - 9.00am to 5.00pm   View map


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These workshops are presented in partnership with Benchmark Monitoring.

Mr Jeff Blair – LinkedIn profile
AethLabs Director and Co-Founder 

Jeff Blair founded AethLabs in 2011 to develop and commercialise high quality Black Carbon personal exposure monitors. Before founding AethLabs, Jeff was responsible for product design and management of engineering at Magee Scientific Corp. and directed the development of the company’s AE33 next-generation rack-mount Aethalometer, AE51 personal Black Carbon monitor and OT21 Optical Transmissometer.  In 2012, AethLabs began manufacturing the AE51 in San Francisco, California. More recently, AethLabs released the new microAeth® MA Series of advanced, highly portable, and more cost-effective instruments for measuring light absorbing carbonaceous aerosols. Jeff’s work in developing these new instruments is advancing the state of the art in personal exposure monitoring as well as expanding the possibilities for mobile and network monitoring applications. For many years, Jeff has been the primary engineer in a collaboration with the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in New York, and is currently funded under the U.S. National Institutes of Health “Pediatric Research Using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems” (PRISMs) initiative. This effort continues to enhance the capabilities of the MA Series Black Carbon instruments, and to develop new tools to measure physiological, environmental and behavioral factors involved in pediatric asthma. Through design, manufacture and commercialization of reliable, accurate and more cost effective instrumentation, Jeff is working to help enable new advances in public health, climate and atmospheric research.

Dr Ivan Iskra – LinkedIn Profile

Head of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support, AEROSOL

Ivan Iskra’s background is in electro engineering, instrumentation and aerosol physics. He received his Phd at Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, while studying at Faculty of electrical engineering of University of Ljubljana. His PhD work was dedicated to development of capacitive type sensor for detection of nanoparticles in air (Condensation Particle Counter). The sensor detects nanoparticles, which are previously encapsulated with working fluid – water. He developed complete sensor prototype (theoretically and practically) as well as a prototype of a CPC with slightly different pre-conditioning stage comparing to conventional CPS’s. During his PhD he worked in a Laboratory of synthesis of inorganic nanotubes mainly on synthesis and SEM, AFM and STM microscopy. After finishing his PhD he spent a year in Italy as a post-doc, where he incorporated his previous experience in building and optimization of different types of SPM’s (AFM, STM, SThM..). In July 2013 he joined Aerosol d.o.o. as a Head of Global Sales and Marketing, also taking care of customer support. As a S&M manager, he takes care about the network of distributors, direct sales and after sales support on global scale. He developed a web based community of Aethalometer users (mainly owners of Black Carbon analyzers) where they are able to download all relevant materials from one location. He also introduced active marketing tools to reach out most aerosol community. He participates main aerosol science events/conferences globally over the year as an exhibitor, presenting latest products and technologies developed by Aerosol d.o.o. He organizes and conducts meetings, trainings, workshops etc. with distributors/ end users at Aerosol or on site. He is also involved in campaigns that have wider applicable potential of measuring Black Carbon (like marine emissions, vehicle emissions, air quality campaigns with higher source apportionment focus.

Preliminary Agenda:

    • Introduction to black carbon
      • Differences between organic and elemental carbon
      • Impacts on climate
      • Impacts on health
      • International standards
    • How black carbon is measured
      • Instrumentation (e.g. Total carbon analysers, hand held instruments)
      • Calibrating and data quality assurance of black carbon
      • Instrument maintenance and checks
    • Case studies
      • Comparing filter-based and AE based measurements of carbon
      • Fine particle black carbon or soot in the atmosphere and its measurement
      • Example where measurement has been coupled with health outcomes/epidemiological studies
      • Black carbon observations at Cape Grim
    • Other considerations
      • Using black carbon for source apportionment studies
      • Connecting black carbon data with other air quality measurements
      • Developing a black carbon monitoring network

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Conference Room
Building 2
480 Weeroona Road
Lidcombe, NSW

8.30am Registration
9.00am to 5.00pm


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Jacinda Shen – Training Manager