The future health of our world depends on the quality of the air we breathe.

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The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) is dedicated to the protection and improvement of the air we breathe, the climate in which we live, and the atmosphere that surrounds us.

Our Vision is Healthy Air For All. We are working to achieve this through the promotion of the science of air quality, advancing the knowledge of air quality, and engaging the wider community.

CASANZ members are derived from diverse backgrounds and sectors, including science, business, consulting, industry, and academia, as well as local, state and federal governments. Our members are committed to, and passion about, the future of air quality.

A CASANZ membership ensures that you are equipped with the latest knowledge and developments in the air quality industry. You will have access to all necessary tools and research to deal with a range of contemporary environmental issues, from photochemical smog and fine particulate haze, to air toxins and indoor air pollution. Most importantly, you will become an integral part of a sophisticated approach to tackling these issues for the future health of our world.

All members must adhere to the CASANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  The CASANZ Code informs and guides the high ethical and moral standards expected of members and encourages all members to ensure the dignity, standing and reputation of their profession. Any breach of the CASANZ Code of Ethics will be managed confidentially, and may result in the suspension or cancellation of membership.

Training and Events

CASANZ air quality and environmental training courses and events draw on the leading-edge, collective knowledge that is fostered by both our diverse membership base and industry standards. Attendees have access to the most innovative concepts, ideas, and experts, which are simply not available through any other organisation in Australia or New Zealand.

Our training covers a broad range of topics, including understanding and managing air quality, air pollution control, odour management, measurement, modelling and related environmental areas.

Member discounts are available on all CASANZ training and events.


Our highly popular webinars enable all CASANZ members, regardless of their location, to participate in informative, engaging online sessions.

A cost-effective and convenient way to immediately boost business knowhow, CASANZ webinars are developed specifically with members in mind. Our webinars regularly feature leading experts, from academia and industry, who cover a broad range of topics and provide insights into industry experiences, projects and innovations.

State Branch Events

Through the hard work and dedication of our volunteer state committees, CASANZ regularly holds state-based branch events.  These events are designed to facilitate networking opportunities, build the local air quality community, and foster knowledge sharing.

A guest speaker or prominent industry figure, sharing their knowledge and offering the opportunity to benchmark and discuss best practise, usually leads these popular events.

Branch events are also a great way to keep abreast of specific state issues regarding air quality, including legislative matters, emerging technology, best business practices, new research and much more.

Special Interest Groups

CASANZ Special Industry Groups share specialist knowledge and expertise in popular industry areas. They provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge, research and development, and link CASANZ members with peak research and industry organisations.

Our Special Interest Groups include:

  • Measurement
  • Modelling
  • Odour
  • Indoor Air
  • Policy
  • Transport
  • Aerosol Assembly
  • Biomass Smoke
  • Air Quality and Health

CASANZ Special Interest Groups provide opportunities for collaboration with international groups allowing for a global understanding of air quality issues.

Enjoy a range of specialist events and webinar presentations from worldwide industry experts.

Emerging Air Quality Professionals Group

The Emerging Air Quality Professionals (EAQP) group fosters the next generation of air quality and environment industry leaders. The aim of the group is to provide EAQPs with the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers.

The group provides support, mentoring, networking opportunities, and training opportunities, tailored to air quality professionals who are entering or establishing themselves in the industry.

Certified Air Quality Professional

Established in 2016, the program Certified Air Quality Professional is Australasia’s first certification schedule for air quality practice, and one of the first of its kind in the world.

Certified Air Quality Professional (CAQP) status gives you recognition, not only amongst your peers, but also within the environmental industry at large, of your industry knowledge, experience, and commitment to continued professional development and the science of air quality.

CASANZ Conference

The CASANZ bi-annual International Clean Air and Environment Conference brings together international and local speakers that stimulate thinking, and promote new ideas and tools that can be applied across all air quality and climate change fields to create a climate of clean air.

Given the extremely diverse nature of our membership base, CASANZ is uniquely positioned to foster the broadest possible knowledge sharing, across the entire Asia Pacific region.

Medals and Awards

Clean Air Medal

Established in 1973, the Clean Air Medal is awarded to people who have distinguished themselves by their contribution toward the prevention of atmospheric pollution.

Distinguished Service Medal

This Medal recognises distinguished service to CASANZ, as well as Life Membership.

Clean Air Award

The Clean Air Award is presented nationally, on an annual basis, recognising individuals and organisations in the air quality industry who make a significant contribution to achieving improvements in the quality of the air environment.

Student Awards

CASANZ supports individuals whose study is associated with air quality and provides Student Awards that are facilitated through a range of universities. Student Awards are offered nationally.

Click here for full Award details.


CASANZ periodically publishes a range of industry specific media.

Air Quality and Climate Change Journal

The CASANZ Air Quality and Climate Change journal includes scientific and technical articles, general reviews, a comprehensive range of industry news and events, and much more.  Four issues of this highly informative journal are published each year.


Regular eNewsletters, providing updates on Society and Branch activities, training courses and events.  Relevant news, reports and legislative changes specific to the air quality community are also included along with a calendar of industry related local and overseas events.

Legislative Summaries

The Air Quality Regulation and Odour Management summary, details the air quality legislation, regulations, policy, guidelines and odour management requirements relevant to Australia and New Zealand. Printed bi-annually, the summary includes links to websites providing the full text of relevant legislation and subsidiary mechanisms, as well as referencing standards related to petrol, diesel, biodiesel and LPG fuel. This is an excellent reference resource for all professional air quality practitioners.

Members Only Library

The members only library includes:

  • A back catalogue of journals from 1966 to the present, providing access to a huge range of technical articles.
  • Conference proceedings that include a large range of scientific papers, addressing various conference themes.
  • Transcripts from Special Interest Group Workshops.
  • A variety of branch technical meeting presentations and transcripts.


  • Industry specific handbooks and guides.
  • Conference proceedings.