Volume 50, No. 3 & No. 4, August/November 2016

Volume 50, No. 3 & No. 4, August/November 2016

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Technical Articles

Robinson, D. L.
What makes a successful Woodsmoke-Reduction Program?

Guest Editorial — Howard Bridgman and Lidia Morawska
ANZAA Workshop Report — Howard Bridgman

Junkermann, W., Hacker, J. M., Heinzeller, D., Ewenz, C.M.
Airborne survey of ultrafine particles over Australia

Hartmann, S., O’Brien, G., Warren, K., Krahenbuhl, G.
Characterisation of urban dust samples using reflected light microscopy methods

Jayaratne, E. R., Pushpawela, B., Ling, X., Morawska, L.
First use of a neutral cluster and air ion spectrometer in Australia

Atanacio, A. J., et al.
The APAD and ASFID: Long-term fine and coarse ambient particulate matter and source fingerprint databases for the Asia-Pacific region


Book Review — Physics of Radiation and Climate

Launch of the International Woodsmoke Research Network Longley, I.