Volume 51, No. 3, December 2017

Volume 51, No. 3, December 2017

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Technical Articles

Air quality and health: Looking forward – Michael Brauer
Automotive emissions control: Challenges from real world performance requirements. The future of automotive technology beyond ‘dieselgate’ – Zissis Samaras and Ilias Vouitsis
Critical challenges in regulation – Developing product emissions standards – Declan O’Connor-Cox
Environmental and scientifi challenges in the urban air quality of Europe – Xavier Querol
Air quality modelling: Current status, major challenges and future prospects – Yang Zhang
Critical air quality effects: A focus on assessing crop growth, productivity and socio-economic implications of food supply – Lisa Emberson
Nox emissions from lightning based on observational data during electrical storms and the physical properties of lightning strokes – Nick Agapides
Ten years of woodburner research in New Zealand: A review – Guy Coulson, Elizabeth Somervell, Edward Mitchell, Ian Longley and Gustavo
Comparison of winds modelled using TAPM and WRF – Peter Rye

Volume 51, No 3 December 2017