Volume 54, No. 2, June 2020

Volume 54, No. 2, June 2020

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President’s report
Branch reports
SIG reports
Thank you Government Members
“Keeping it real”: PEMS testing of New Zealand vehicles
Sources of air pollution in NZ homes and the impact of ventilation/infiltration
A critical review of emissions estimation techniques for four international shipping port studies
Some examples of how a woodheater/ woodheater  can smoke out a neighbour, and why is it so hard to fix the problem?
Reducing diffuse air pollution in smaller New Zealand communities
Energy from waste in the 21st century: When garbage in is not equal to garbage out
Poster: Health impacts of waste to energy technologies: A critical review of the literature
Use of GRAL to determine acceptable building distance and building height for proposed development around ventilation outlets for road tunnels
Ultra-low emission burners – A catalyst for Innovation!
Poster: Investigation of a low-cost optical sensor for use as a personal intrinsically safe dust monitor (PISDM) in underground coal mines
Poster: Selection of meteorological year for air quality impact assessments
Members working from home
Environment and industry news
Upcoming conferences and short courses


Air Quality 54, No.2 2020