Air Quality and Climate Change is a quarterly journal (March, June, September, December) focused on air quality and climate change-related research and/or management. Generally, articles published in the journal focus on Australia, New Zealand, or Southeast Asia, but manuscripts from other areas around the world are encouraged as well.

There are three types of manuscript that are acceptable for publication, each of which undergoes a peer-review process prior to acceptance and publication in the journal. The manuscript types are:

  1. Major articles highlighting significant new research
  2. Short articles or technical reports that are usually of more limited scope. These articles should not exceed 2000 words.
  3. Extended summaries, which should be short (less than 1000 words) and focus on specific small piece of work or present some initial results from consultation projects.

Letters to the editor are also welcomed.

In addition to scientific articles, the journal also contains an Environment and Industry News section that highlights recent developments in air quality management, climate change adaptation, and significant new research in the fields of air quality and climate change.

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