1-3 Aug, 2018Introductory Stack Testing3 daysHamilton, NZ
1 Aug, 2018Webinar: Drivers of Wood Burning Behaviour in New Zealand Homes1 hrWebinar
5 Sep, 2018Webinar: Comparing different optical technologies for particulate matter monitoring - 5 September, 20181 hrWebinar
12 Sep, 2018Odour Control and Design Equipment1 DayAuckland, NZ
25 Sep, 2018Particulate Matter Monitoring - 25 September, 2018 - Perth, WA1 DayPerth, WA
26-28 Sep 2018ACTRA Annual Scientific Meeting & Continuing Education Day3 daysPerth, WA
1 Oct, 2018Black Carbon Workshop1 daySydney, NSW
3 Oct, 18Black Carbon Workshop1 day
4, 5, 11, 12 Oct 2018Introduction to Meteorology for Air Quality: October, 2018 - Online4 x 2hrOnline
2 Nov, 2018Spatio-Temporal Indoor Human Exposures in Homes Affected by Chemical-Contaminated Soil and Groundwater1 hrwebinar
12-16 Nov 201810th Better Air Quality Conference (BAQ) 20185 daysKuching, Sarawak
23-27 Sep, 201918th World Clean Air Congress5 daysIstanbul, Turkey
16-18 Sep, 201924th International Clean Air and Environment Conference3 daysNew Zealand
14-18 Oct, 2019AAAR 37th Annual Conference5 daysPortland, OR
30 Aug-4 Sep, 2020European Aerosol Conference (EACD 2020)5 daysAachen, Germany
5-9 Oct, 2020AAAR 38th Annual Conference5 daysRaleigh, NC, USA
5-10 Sept, 2021European Aerosol Conference (EACD 2021)5 daysDublin, Ireland
4-9 Sept, 2022International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2022)6 daysAthens, Greece